There are some Known issues in a number of Windows Updates for .NET that occurred at the beginning to middle of August that lead to this error. Use the below to check if Windows has an update with the issue:

1) Press Windows Key and search for "View your update history"

2) Look for updates that occurred between Aug 1st, 2020 and now containing the text: "Cumulative Update for .NET Framework"

3) Click on the link to open the MS Support website for the update


4) Go down to "Known issues in this update" and look for the following text:

Exception type:  System.COMException


Callstack:  top frame is System.Windows.Media.Composition.DUCE+Channel.SyncFlush()

5) If it has that, write down the KB number e.g. KB4569751

6) Go back to the update history window and click "Uninstall updates"

7) Find the update whose KB number you wrote down in step #5 and uninstall it

8) Make sure windows does not automatically pull that update again (turn off automatic updating)